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Food Scavenger Hunt in Paris

From 10 to 250 participants, a Food treasure Hunt adapted to your needs

5 good reasons to choose a Food Rally in Paris
  • Food is a unifying matter that delight all profiles
  • To promote French culture and bring your teams together around an unusual theme
  • To discover Paris in a fun way while promoting exchanges between participants
  • To meet passionate artisans and enhance French know-how
  • To savor emblematic products of the French culinary heritage
Description of the game

A “gourmet walking rally” consists of following a pedestrian itinerary in Paris to discover food shops or historic places related to French gastronomy, such as old restaurants, historical grocery stores, traditional cafes…
The mission is to discover all the facets of Paris: historical, cultural, architectural and gastronomic, in a fun way..
During this Food lover’s treasure hunt through Paris, the participants will learn about famous French Chefs, traditional recipes, but also the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF), culinary innovations, the latest pastry trends…


At the start of the rally, each group will be divided according to a theme and a district will be allocated to it. Participants will receive a “road book” including the itinerary to follow, a presentation of each shops and anecdotes about the tastings. The vendors will welcome the participants in the shops and challenge them with funny questions to test their food knowledge and “deserve” their tastings.

Shops and tastings

Each group will have a different itinerary in Paris. However, each group will visit from 4 to 6 shops depending on the duration of the rally: traditional pastries (Ex: Stöhrer), Meilleur Ouvriers de France (MOF) cheese makers, butchers, chocolate makers, pastry chefs … shops of famous Chefs (Ex : Alain Ducasse, Pierre Hermé, Cyril Lignac, Christophe Michalak), old cafes. .
The selection of tastings depends on several criteria: profile of participants, duration of the activity, the availability of products according to the season. Our goal is to offer a good balance to satisfy the appetite of the greediest and to delight the palate of the most curious.


We recommend planning a minimum of 3 hours !

Treat yourself to a unique culinary experience

A selection of Premium French Food Tastings

We have been exploring Paris since 2012 to build strong partnerships with some of the oldest and most prestigious food shops in Paris.

Expertise in welcoming large groups

Our core business is to offer “ Food tours in Paris” for individuals and groups all year round. We have acquired the expertise to quickly create tailor made tours for large groups: we can manage up to 250 participants divided into 15 groups in 5 districts of Paris!

Tailor made services

We have the pleasure to welcome foreign tourists, French individuals, students and food professionals. We always adapt the content of our explanations and materials, the choice of shops and tastings, and respect all types of food restrictions..

Food activities: our specialty !

La Route des gourmets is a French agency 100% dedicated to the design and organization of Food and Wine events in Paris